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FREE 100 Day Inspection Warranty

Get a 100 Day Limited Warranty on Home Inspections!

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Dependable Home Inspections, LLC, has partnered with Mountain Warranty Company to provide clients a FREE 100-day limited warranty on home inspections. If anything goes wrong during the 100 days following one of our home inspections, Mountain Warranty Company and Dependable Home Inspections will come to your aid,, whether it’s related to plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, the roof, foundation, structure, or even permanently installed appliances.

This warranty is another service Dependable Home Inspections provides to ensure extended peace of mind when clients buy or sell properties. It is part of our pledge to give you the most accurate and comprehensive home inspection possible. Please call for details at (570) 622-7131.

100 Day Limited Warranty on Home Inspections


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"When I'm representing the sellers, I'm always happy to learn that Dean will be doing the buyer's inspection, because I know that Dean will do a thorough but fair job in evaluating the home." Carl Raring - Realtor


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